Happy Birthday to Shin Yejun!


Hey, guys another birthday post, but I need you help! Yejun looks like two members from SHINee and I want to know who! So, click that button!

fcuz_jacket_photo_secondseries_14Happy birthday to Shin Yejun. He turns 22 years old today and he’s a member of F.Cuz! The group name is pronounce as F Cruise, right? Like a cruise ship cruise? So, why isn’t there a ‘r’ in there somewhere? It’s like saying F Cuz. You know, a shorter way of saying cousin. I don’t know. I don’t like to diss group names, but I have some questions on how to say it. Another question doesn’t he look a little like Onew from SHINee in that picture above? Yes, I think so, but wait look at this picture:



He a little looks like Taemin from SHINee here. Weird. To look like two members from the same group is just weird.


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