B.A.P’s Jong Up and Zelo Photo Teaser for “One Shot” Released!

It’s time people for the last of the pictures! Will Zelo make you feel like a pedonoona? Or will you be thankful that Jong Up is of age? I’m leaning towards Zelo, people! Check it out! Blue/Black hair and all!

Now, people would normally say, “We saved the best for last,” but I would say that Bang and Himchan was first for a reason. No, I’m not dissing Jong Up and Zelo’s photo teaser, all I’m saying is that I think that the first day was the best. Nevermind, I would say that all of them were good because they are doing a new concept and they pulled it off well.





Didn’t expect that did you. Well, for those who were reading before the picture was kind of abrupt, but of course who read what I said? Anyways, TS added more information on “One Shot” when they released today’s teaser photos. Here’s what they said:

‘One Shot’ is a song that is for B.A.P, by B.A.P, and of B.A.P. If your heart was stolen by the 6 blonde warriors through ‘Warrior’ 1 year ago, you’ll be elated for the song’s heaviness. If you saw a new charm for them through ‘Crash’ and ‘Stop It’, you’ll be stolen away by the song’s power.

Whoa, they’re setting themselves pretty high and I like it! The anticipation of this video, and album, is extremely high. What’s making me all nervous inside is that the promise they made. The whole this song is for B.A.P, by B.A.P, and of B.A.P, is a huge promise, and it makes me nervous because it can go both ways. They can fail or succeed. Being totally realistic, so fall back. I’m not a hater, or an anti. It’s one of those, “I’m just saying,” statement, but tomorrow the video teaser will be released!

I’ll see you guys tomorrow, right?


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