B.A.P Releases “One Shot” Teaser!

*Warning* Please do not click if you fangirled before watching the teaser. You WILL have a heart attack if you proceed. Don’t die because of me. I’m broke, so your parents will NOT get any money from me. You’ve been warned! Okay, press that button to see the latest addition of our boys!

Oh my goodness. It’s only 27 seconds! TS what are you doing to me!!!! It needs to be at least 45 seconds long for me to process what the heck is going on! But, from what I see, those girls in the picture “scandal” are just extras. B.A.P got these fans looking stupid. See this is what y’all get for jumping to conclusions! B.A.P looks like some gangstas and Youngjae got captured and they’re trying to get him back. And all that blood from the members. Ah, my grammar sucks right now because I really don’t know how to explain what I saw. All I know that this will be epic! Can’t wait until the 12th!



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