Happy Birthday to the February 8th Babies!

Aw, I’m going to love this post forever and ever. That is until it’s Sunggyu’s birthday and Yongguk’s birthday, but I know this person will cajole me into liking it forever. Know who I’m talking about?

minwooHappy birthday to Seo Minwoo! He turns 29 years old today and he’s a member of 100%. Wait, what? There’s somebody this old in 100%? Sorry, that sounded so rude, but I thought that they were a rookie group, I mean they are. What the heck am I trying to say? I think that I thought that since 100% is a rookie group that debuted September of 2012, I expected the members to be young. Hmm, interesting.

imagesHappy birthday to Woohyun!!!!!! He turns 23 years old today and he’s a member of Infinite/actor. I’ve recently discovered Infinite through their 2012 hit song, The Chaser, and boy do they blow me away. Actually, I discovered Infinite when Hoya had a role in Replay 1997, but indefinitely love them because of Chaser. Woohyun is like my 3rd bias out the group. He’s too adorable. He throws hearts at you, blow heart kisses at you, he just ooze aegyo. It’s like aegyo was created for him.





Adorable right, but wait I’m not done! 

Until next time!!!


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