Happy Birthday to the February 9th Babies!

It’s time to wish a happy birthday to an ex member of a very very popular idol group! So, exactly how many Super Junior members were there?

images (1)Happy birthday to Hankyung! He turns 30 years old today and he was a member of Super Junior, but is now a solo singer/actor. For a moment I thought that he was older than Leeteuk, but that didn’t make sense. Sorry, I’m not a hardcore Elf, but it should have been k-pop common sense. Jeez, I’m feeling stupid. So exactly how many members are in Super Junior?

seo ahHappy birthday to Park Seoah! She turns 26 years old today and she’s a member of Brave Girls.

junyoungHappy birthday to Junyoung! He turns 25 years old today and he’s a member of ZE:A. From what I was looking at on Google, he looks better with blonde hair. I’ve just notice, I like male idols with blonde hair. Just a note!



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