SHINee’s Minho and Jonghyun Teaser Photos for “Dream Girl” Released!

Oh My Goodness! Two out of three of my bias out of SHINee! Hopefully, the teaser make sense…Let’s take a look shall we?




wyauucwOkay, you know I should never ask what’s SHINee’s doing. We should just know that the teasers probably don’t have anything to do with Dream Girl. Don’t attack me because look at Sherlock teaser photos. That had NOTHING to do with the music video. They just wanted to show the Shawols some skin to impatiently wait for the Sherlock MV AND, and make them buy their product. For this teaser, I just don’t know, a toy, a pony, a latter, a party, and cotton? Seriously, what is going on?? All I know that out of all the  teaser picture released, I like Jonghyun’s the best. It’s not out there and he looks adorable. Taemin is second, Key’s third, and Minho is fourth. I just don’t know what’s going on with him.

Now, let’s do anticipate Onew’s teaser!


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