B.A.P Releases “One Shot” MV!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! I’ll repeat it again in the actual post, but a few warnings before proceeding. Heart rate have to be normal, Babies need to be prepared for the worst, fans who criticized B.A.P with the two girls should back away, and to remain calm. Yeah, you don’t necessarily have to follow them, but know that I’m a broke college girl! Now, what are you waiting for?

OH MY GOODNESS! WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON? Youngjae you need to be shot! Jeez, your acting was excellent where I think like that! Oh My Goodness. Just wait a moment. *Takes breaths* This MV is just had me on a rollercoaster ride. First, they shot them all dead then there’s an alternative ending where Youngjae’s a cop. Are you serious? I’m done. B.A.P is blowing me away with their style. They had alternative endings! They should have just stayed with the first one because that second made me mad as hell. (It’s not a school blog today, damnit!) Seriously, like Rain Sound my heart was just in my throat. Oh my goodness, plus it was a seven minute long music video! That $900,000+ music video was WELL WORTH IT. Ah, I’m jumping all over the place, but you write a post after you seen an amazing video. Your mind doesn’t even comprehend what happen until you see it again. Which I’ll do later tonight!

20130207_bap_oneshot_group-600x449The dance…did you see that hip thrust somewhere near the beginning? Please tell me you seen it! Then the jumping in the air! Then the Warrior like dance where they press the ground! Then Zelo and Jong up! Wow, that’s all I can say right now. This is a rookie music video, not Super Junior, Big Bang, Infinite, nor Beast, but a rookie named B.A freaking P! Jesus, if this song doesn’t do well against SHINee then I don’t know what’s wrong with K-Neitzens.

tumblr_mgxa8ohQoK1rjbgp0o1_1280Their outfits. It’s normal gangster wear. Nothing really to say about it beside that they pulled it off. Now, the girls in the bikini incident. Hopefully, the people who were tripping about it feel stupid. How can somebody get mad at extras on the set of your favorite idol’s music video? Yes, we didn’t know about it at first, but c’mon now. That’s what you get for jumping to conclusions without even being there. Next time, just don’t do it. Just sit down and enjoy the music that’s being released.

Ugh, this is all, but that giant Matoki. Yeah, that’s how big their career is going to be. Just wait and see!



One thought on “B.A.P Releases “One Shot” MV!

  1. I agree. When I looked at the fan’s comments on that photo I was just like “-_- Man,I swear…looks like they’re jumping to conclusions.”

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