SHINee Released Group Teaser Photo of “Dream Girl!”

Yes Shawols, SHINee’s back as a whole for a group shot. Nothing weird right? Wrong, it’s SHINee we’re talking about! So, what’s the returning “prop”? Cotton? Pony? Toys?



Whoa, Jonghyun and Taemin are just owning this unrelated teaser photos of “Dream Girl!” Jonghyun is looking like Lee Min Ki right here and Taemin is just really getting out of that innocent kid phrase. Anyway, I was expecting a video teaser today, but instead they released a group photo. I don’t have a problem with it, but SM is taking a weird approach to release this album.

“The album will be revealed through iTunes as well as domestic music sites on the 19th and the title track will be called, “Dream Girl”. SM Entertainment promises that this new release will be another comeback that showcases the unique charms of the group.

In addition, ahead of the reveal on the 19th, the boys have announced a premiere event for the album release by teaming up with MelOn, titled ‘SHINee Music Spoiler’. The event will be held on the 14th in Seoul at the Olympus Hall and will show making-of clips and also preview the songs on the album.” 

So when exactly the music video will be released? That’s the question I need to know because there’s no date for that, so I’m going assume that it will be released on the 19th as well. Man, SHINee’s digital album is released the same day as B.A.P’s physical album. I just wanted to put that out there, but who’s ready for their album to drop? The question is: will there be a physical album? Even though, digital sells is taking over, I know some Shawols will want a physical copy. You know, for the poster, photobook, and photocard. Everything that a fan want.


If you guess pony then you are right! It’s kind of sad, but correct!



2 thoughts on “SHINee Released Group Teaser Photo of “Dream Girl!”

  1. hoyc52 says:

    SHINee is rocking those suits! Thanks for the post! I’d love to find out where they got those suits.

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