B.A.P’s Himchan Injures Hand!

Oh goodness gracious! What did he do? What exactly did he injure? Will he participate with B.A.P in the ‘One Shot’ promotions? All that here and it’s not good.

20130205_bap_oneshot_himchan-600x449May goodness Himchan! Wow, the day after their music video dropped. Not the incident, but the day TS decided to tell us about it or when AllKpop decided to do their job, whichever.  Himchan injured his hand 10 days ago, when he was trying get into the car, but slipped and fell breaking his ring and pinky finger on his right hand. The injury was severe where that it needed surgery, so now he’s recovering at his parents’ house. We, the Babies, knew that there was something wrong when Himchan didn’t show up in a birthday picture Bang posted on Instagram and when he wasn’t at Jong Up’s graduation. Two important events to a member and he missed it. Yeah, that didn’t sit well with us.

tumblr_m822315grv1rnk74iThe hospital told Himchan that he should rest. In translation, he will not be able to promote ‘One Shot’ because of the intense choreography as what we seen yesterday. A thing that AllKpop forgot to mention is the concert they are having next week! A broken bone takes time to heal, so aside of missing the comeback week, he’ll be missing their FIRST solo concert. This is really sad news for anybody who likes B.A.P. TS Entertainment gave a statement on Himchan:

“More so than anyone else, Himchan and his members are feeling the most upset about this situation… Especially since it was thought that B.A.P could show off a new side to themselves through this ‘One Shot’ promotion, and the six members have worked harder than ever to prepare for this album, it seems their disappointment is great.”

Here’s the link to the article!

It’s a huge disappointment, but his health is way more important!

Get well Himchan from Daebak Koreans!!!


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