[BREAKING]Indie Band Crying Nut files lawsuit against CN Blue!

Taking battle of the bands seriously here! What happen? Who’s actually at fault? Why wait three years to file suit? Answers and my reacting here!

CN-Blue1Jeez, I was wondering when something extreme was going to happen in the K-pop world. You know, aside of B.A.P’s comeback, but this is serious. The reason why Crying Nut is suing CN Blue is for violation of copyright. Basically, playing their song without their consent, and getting paid for it. They’re not just suing CN Blue, but also their CEO Han Sung Ho.

Everything started in 2010, when CN Blue were on M Countdown and performed Crying Nut’s song, ‘Offside’. The same performance was later included in CN Blue’s Japanese DVD. I think that where the problem lay. Aside of them singing the song, CN Blue were getting paid. I believe everything comes down to money, but whoever put the performance on the DVD is hurting CN Blue’s credibility. One, it’s not their song and two, it’s still not their song. CN Blue reps comment on the matter:

“The recorded performance included in the DVD released in Japan in 2010 was put in by the manufacturer without notifying us… During the World Cup season, CNBLUE performed this song on ‘M!Countdown’ because the broadcast station requested it. At the time we refused the offer due to our busy schedules but the broadcast representatives stated that they would provide the instrumental and so we came on stage. After coming on stage, we realized that it was Crying Nut’s song.”

CryingNut_BandPhotoWhoa, now Mnet is in the game. Here’s what they said:

“We are looking into the situation.”

Nothing much because they were probably at fault, but my question is why Crying Nut wait 3 years to sue them? That’s the only problem that I’m having with this whole ordeal. Maybe they had their reasons, but waiting doesn’t look good in court. Here’s what AllKpop found out:

tumblr_lokumvgwM51qjhrdao1_400A media outlet has obtained a statement from CJ E&M‘s Mnet representative, who admitted that they were the ones who asked CNBLUE to stand on the stage and that FNC were not asked before the performance was added into the DVD. He commented, “CJ E&M licensing team already reimbursed Crying Nut last year. It seems with this lawsuit, Crying Nut is also finding that CNBLUE is also responsible for getting on that stage… Since the problem arose from Mnet’s program, we will take responsibility and sort this out. We are currently negotiating with CNBLUE’s agency and Crying Nut. We will try our best to solve this situation.”

Okay, so Mnet already paid Crying Nut, but is still suing CN Blue for getting on stage? They’re just milking money out of these idols. This literally doesn’t make sense to me. Why sue? It’s not their fault. Crying Nut, you deserve no love because greed is taking over right now. Hopefully, they can handle it in a mature way.

Here’s the link to the article. Credit:AllKpop

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5 thoughts on “[BREAKING]Indie Band Crying Nut files lawsuit against CN Blue!

  1. Kdrama&More says:

    omg it wasn’t cn blue’s fault the station requested it so what could they do? If they had refused i’m sure the station would have somehow “unofficially” banned or done something to cn blue. I think your right and crying nut just wants some more money.

    • Yeah, I don’t know when exactly they (CN Blue) debut, but to say no to a major television show is stupid. Now, that’s for M Countdown. The DVD thing is entirely something different. It’s still not CN Blue’s fault, but somebody did something wrong there within their company.

      • Kdrama&More says:

        True cn blue doesn’t get to choose what goes into the dvd, they just did what they were told. If they say no to the tv station there is consequences and if they go against their own company i’m sure there is some consequences there too. In the end in my opinion it’s the company’s fault they should have checked first with the band if it was ok to include in the dvd the cover of the song.

  2. yuki says:

    Suing CNBLUE for getting on a stage..are you serious…to tell the truth they were rookie and were having a hard time, they couldnt turn down the offer..but still CNBLUE didnt know about the other thing like it was crying nut AR or that the performance was released… still, crying nut suing them for going on stage is like saying to a rape victim thats its your fault for getting rape cause you wore a skirt…. if that makes any sense…this case is fishy cause they waited for 3 years and finally a lawsuit…why wasnt this ever heard of untill now..why crying nut why? i hope this ends soon cause i want to know what will happen???

    • Taken how they don’t want Mnet to be involve just tells me that they want money out of CN Blue. As of now, they can care less about Mnet (since they already gave them their money for wrong doing) so why go after CN Blue? But I agree with you.I want to see how this is played out

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