B.A.P’s Himchan Apologizes about Hand Injury!

The first words he said in a long time and it was to his fans! What did he say? Where did he post it? All that with a chance to make him feel better right here!

20130205_bap_oneshot_himchan-600x449Aww, Himchan! If you seen the Gaon Charts Awards, you see that the performance of B.A.P wasn’t at its normal hype. I’m glad that they are performing, but it’s sad not to see Himchan there. Himchan, I don’t know how, wrote a long tweet on Twitter revealing his regret on not participating in the ‘One Shot’ promoting. Here’s what he said:

You said that no news was good news, and I’m so sorry to give you bad news. I heard and saw everything that our babies were saying. I’m sincerely sorry that I couldn’t say anything earlier. I thought about how to put less of a burden on you and my members so it took a bit of time. You understand, right?

I worked so hard on this album, so it was hard for me to accept the reality that just came up. I thought about a lot of things, and I’m okay now because I’ve organized my thoughts. It’s in the past now, so I just want to think about the future.

Let’s only think about happy things that will happen from now on and make them happen. We only have happy things in our future.

Lastly, I’m so sorry to our BABYs and I love you. My members, I’m sorry and I’m thankful and I love you. I’m really thankful there are so many people who worry about me.

Thank you, everyone. I’m going to work hard to heal fast. I’m so thankful for the existence of B.A.P and BABY.”

If your eyes didn’t water up then you must not be a Baby, well that or that you don’t show emotions. Either way, he’s not happy with the injury. But the Babies are coming up with a project for Himchan recovery! This is project:

Get better Himchan!



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