B.A.P’s “One Shot” is Topping the iTunes Hip Hop Charts!

As if they haven’t didn’t accomplish enough! What countries did “One Shot” top in? What place are they in? All that here! 


Wow, they show No Mercy to these charts. They are no newbies when it comes to these hip hop charts in different countries. Their debut album, Warrior, hit the iTunes charts and so have the rest of their albums, so One Shot welcome to the club!

BAP_ONESHOT_ITUNES-600x375As of now ‘One Shot’ is:

#1 in the US, Canada, and New Zealand.

#2 in Sweden.

#3 in Australia, Finland, and Norway.

#4 in United Kingdom and Japan.

#8 in Greece.

#9 in Germany.

#70 in World’s Album charts

BAP_ONESHOT_ITUNES_02-600x300Let me say wow again! This is amazing! Seriously, that 11 different countries! This shows how good they are. I’m not going to jinx them and say that they’re the best, but the fear of being unrecognized should disappear. Wait, nevermind, their own country doesn’t recognize them yet. I don’t want to sound all rude towards S.Koreans, but what’s wrong with you? You have a good idol group in your country, but you are not recognizing them. I’m done! This is a happy post, so I will leave my opinions to myself.

Congratulations B.A.P!!!


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