Happy Birthday to the Valentine’s Day Babies!

This is an amazing post. There’s literally a couple in this post. Well, not in real life, but there’s a male and female idol that share the same birthday on Valentine’s Day. So, shouldn’t they be one? Let’s find out who!

haeri1Happy birthday to Lee Haeri! She turns 29 years old today and she’s a member of Davichi! Whoa, wait I don’t know about this couple, seems like JYJ’s Junsu already nab her. k1

Cream (M.I.B) - Do U Like Me  HD.mp4_KPOP HD MEXICOHappy birthday to Cream! He turns 24 years old today and he’s a member of M.I.B! This name! I thought of something else when I read his name. Sorry, my mind is not all that innocent, forgive me! Let’s change it to Agent C, you know, Men In Black reference. See, now he’s a alien protector/ killer. Wait, isn’t B.A.P and EXO aliens? Well, let’s just keep it Cream.

Now, that I look at their age, Haeri is 5 years older than him. I don’t think that’s a problem since idols tend to like older females. Which sucks for a few fans, but this is the birth of the “pretend” Valentine’s Day couple. Remember it people! You too, Junsu! Your birthday should have been on Valentine’s Day!

Daebak Koreans which for you lovers to enjoy your Valentine’s Day! Special gift, the background my sister created! I’ll let it stay up until next Friday! Enjoy it.

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