SHINee released teaser of “SHINee Music Spoiler”!

Every dream is coming true for the Shawols! Leon/MelOn prepared a very special gift for you all! Check it out!

Wow, SHINee has been releasing stuff everyday since the start a February! Today, or was it yesterday, they released a teaser for SHINee Music Spoiler! Even though the K-Shawols are the ones who will actually be seeing it first because the event is held tomorrow (today in KST) in Seoul’s Samsungdong at the Olympus Hall. But, they were thinking about those you couldn’t attend.  Wait, Korea make Samsung AND Olympus. Those are my life right there! Okay, sorry about that, but they’ll show the BTS (behind the scenes) clips and also preview the songs on their 3rd full length album.

20130211_shinee_dreamgirlDespite that SHINee has a strong presence over in S.Korea, their song “Dream Girl” is “highly anticipated” (AllKpop words). Well, the song is produced by Justin Bieber’s producer Shin Hyuk and his crew Joombas Music Factory. You know, it’s a big deal when a producer who worked with Justin Bieber is in the picture! *Sarcasm* I can care less, now say somebody like Timberland or B.Cox produces it. That will be something to anticipate. Justin Bieber, I just don’t know, they could have mentioned somebody else besides him. Just saying,

With that being said, until next time!


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