Happy Belated Birthday to the February 15th Babies!

Jeez, I must have had a great Valentine’s day to miss out on all these birthdays. Ha, that’s not true, but I seriously missed quite a bit of birthdays yesterday, so let’s roll right in!

hansam_f1rst_27393Happy belated birthday to Hansaem! He turned 26 years old today and he’s a member of F1rst! It’s the creatively weird group, F1rst. No, their name is better than most group names I’ve seen. Prime example, HAM. Nuff said.

20120720_bigstar_raehwan-600x600Happy belated birthday to Raehwan! He turned 22 years old today and he’s a member of BIGSTAR! Selca time!

tumblr_mhhyut61Tr1re0ddpo3_500Happy belated birthday to Ravi! He turned 21 years old yesterday and he’s a member of VIXX! I really love their comeback! These past couple of days I’ve stayed up to watch Music Bank and Music Core for B.A.P, but I happen to hear VIXX’s song while I was waiting. This is a great comeback song for them. Now, let’s talk about those contacts my friends!

vxfwomda684p3hhb206pHappy belated birthday to Yoonyoung! He turned 21 years yesterday and he’s a member of A-JAX! This is a highly underrated rookie. Highly. Their like the Dalmatian of last year’s rookie. Hopefully, they’ll get a hit song in the future. That’s talent wasted if they don’t.



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