Happy Belated Birthday to the February 18th Babies!

Oh my goodness, I seriously do this on purpose. Exactly how many times will I use this as an excuse, but I really don’t a birthday post when there’s a big time idol in the bunch. So who exactly is it? They were 5 now they’re separated.

untitled8wa9Happy belated birthday to Lina! She turned 30 years old yesterday and she’s a member of CSJH The Grace. Oh, I remember them! They’re the group with the church name! Seriously, I cannot even explain how their name reminds me of a church which I haven’t been to in over a month. Forgive me Lord! Also, forgive Lina because that’s not appropriate.

tumblr_lyyvj1yeiw1qfxox6Happy belated birthday to Changmin! He turned 26 years old yesterday and he’s a member of DBSK/TVXQ! For it to be his birthday and nobody haven’t said anything about it makes me question Google, but whatever Google says goes, right? Right. I can never get over the way he looks. In still pictures, I’m like, “Why do people think he’s cute?” And, that’s saying something because I tend to like people who aren’t the visuals, so that was strange. But then I seen him in a variety show and I finally understood. He’s just too adorable.


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