Happy Birthday to the February 19th Babies!

Two idol groups that I talk about a lot in these birthday posts. Though, I haven’t seen one in a while despite that this group has 19 members in them, and the other one I’ve seen a lot at the start of the year. Who exactly are they?

82dc72de30_54512949_o2Happy birthday to Hwang Inseok! He turns 26 years old today and he’s a member of SHU-I! “Shh, I-” Really need to stop doing that. I just cannot help it. Boy, if Yunho’s birthday and a member of SHU-I’s birthday were in the same post I would have a field day.

magicalsnap201105032131Happy birthday to Jeong Hoyoung! He turns 22 years old today and he’s a member of A-Peace Onyx. As I said above, I haven’t had them since like January. That’s a really long time since, again, they have 19 members. But, it’s nice to see them! Time for a group picture, don’t ya think?



And you thought that Super Junior, had a lot of members. PLEASE….



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