Kanaissa’s Avenger’s GIF Challenge!

Do anticipate this! It’s a K-pop meets Avengers thing! Nerds rejoice! *Note: If it doesn’t move, click to make it work! Dang you, WordPress!*

Director Fury comes to your secret hideout to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative. Your 7th gif is your secret superhero power!



Decision making. Clearly, I suppose to be the leader!

Wow that’s impressive! Now you go to meet the other Avengers. Gif numer 34 is how you act while seeing them the first time.



Looks like a great team! Victory my people!

Well that was an interesting way to say ‚hello‘… The first meeting is over and you go to visit Bruce and Tony in their lab. You know what you’re doing, right? Quick, use gif number 12!



I don’t think I do, but I’m amused by their smartness! As I said, a great team!

Oh no, they kicked you out. Well it seems that you have to work out with Cap… Gif 9 shows how you’re doing.



I thought I was the leader. I guess, I have to solve the problem by being naive and shock about the situation!

Okay, no more time for nonsense! Loki is attacking the town! Go, suit up! Gif number 3 is your ‚suit‘.


Exactly, what costume?

Loki uses his spear on you. Does he manage to get you on his side? Gif number 19 is the answer!


Nope! To smart and strong for him.

Man, that was a tough battle but you survived. But a person’s got to eat, right? Especially when you’re trying to save the world! Lunch time – choose a gif of someone eating.


Naw, we still have to fight, so some water will do. With Yongguk with it! Save him for later! Lol, no to interview him! School blog!!!!

Yummy! Okay, but now better move your ass, because Loki attacked again – he can never stop, can he? But wow, you’re going to lead the team. Gif 14 is the Averngers‘ reaction to Fury announcing this fact.


He disagree with the whole thing.  Screw you, Fury!

You captured Loki – making you the leader was obviously the right choice. Happy dance time! Chose a gif of someone dancing!


Looks like I’ll be clubbing after this fight…with Yongguk! 

But oh no, look what happened? Loki made everyone start fighting! Show your attempts to calm them down again – it’s gif number 21.


Use some aegyo on them! 

Peace was never an option and you’re getting attacked! Coulson’s dead. How do you react? Gif 29 is the answer.


Uh, by throwing myself to L.Joe….okay. Hopefully, I don’t get hit by that car!

Okay, now you’re angry! Gif number 1 is how you solve the entire Loki-Situation! You seriously kick ass!


Yeah, but in a angry fighting way. Not like how Kai is doing. But I’ll meet him (Kai) outside later.

Now that was certainly something! Shawmarama time! Use a Gif of your choice!



Woohyun! Now, that’s a great way to finish a battle!

I hope you enjoy it. Haven’t did this in a LONG time, so hopefully I an get into the habit of doing this twice in a month. No promises, but hope. Until next time!

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