SHINee Releases “Dream Girl” Album!

Thank the heavens that this, “Dream Girl-The misconception of You,” came out when I’m awake! That is a long title. Let me present to you, SHINee! Check out their nine tracks!! NINE of them!

20130211_shinee_dreamgirlSeriously, AllKpop must read my blog. Naw, it’s like 12pm over there and it seems as if every albums, songs, music videos, and teasers comes out around this time. *Tears* I will be known one day…just not today. Let’s start with these tracks. I’ll most likely listen about a one minute of the song then write my reaction on it. Usually, it takes 10 seconds for a person to decide whether to pay attention to it or not.¬†Journalism class. So, I’m doing you guys a favor by listening to its minute mark.

Another thing this is part one of their album, “Dream Girl-The Misconceptions of You.” The second part, “Dream Girl-The Misconceptions of Me,” will be released sometime in April. With no further adieu, part 1!


Boy, if this doesn’t sound like Sherlock in the beginning.

Dream Girl

Let’s just say the chorus is what making me stay for this song. That 10 second thing is not a myth people. I was literally waiting for that minute mark. Again, the chorus is what making me stay. Now, I will listen to this song again and hopefully the bridge will hook me. Generally, I listen to songs that has a good chorus and bridge despite the verses. Hey, don’t judge me.


Hitchhiking is dangerous SHINee! I recommend you not to do that, Sasaeng fans are out there. The song took 35 second before the something start singing, but I really like instrumentals so it was a good thing. I really like this song though. But Minho, you like it like what? *Raise eyebrows*

Girls Girls Girls

Somehow, the first verse reminds me of a Christmas verse. Hey, just listen closely and you tell me, but it’s sounds good to the ears. Though, the title reminds me of Se7en’s Girls. “Girls. Girls. Girls. Girls, I do adore.”

Punch Drunk Love

Drunk love, SHINee? Well, you all are above age, so I guess. I hate when people say this song sounds like one of their other songs, but when they say “punch,” it reminds me a the Sherlock. C’mon, I shouldn’t be the only one. I really like the old school feel to it. It’s like disco meeting modern.


This song doesn’t appeal to me. Sorry, it doesn’t I even waited after a minute. In the K-pop world, I really don’t like slow songs because I don’t understand the feeling, so I generally stick to American slow songs. I’m telling you this because a lot of people get sensitive when their favorite artist comeback, so it’s not SHINee’s fault. It’s mine since I don’t understand Korean.


This song grab me at the beginning. This song’s chorus grab me. This song is a keeper. Especially, after hearing Aside this song will grab listeners. People should know that I like old school song and Runway has an old school flavor to it.


I couldn’t make it up the a minute and this wasn’t even a slow song. I don’t know, the feel of it I didn’t like. I tuned out at 23 seconds. Sorry, Shawols I didn’t like this song.


I think this song will take more than one listen because now I’m not feeling it. And that slow no beat part? Yeah, that didn’t do anything for me either. Again, it’s going to take more than one listen.

Okay, a closing note. I feel as if I need to say this because Shawols is a pretty big fanbase. This is MY reaction and I’m NOT being mean to them. I’m just giving you MY OPINION about the songs. As stated in some of my reactions, I do like some of their songs, so I’m not totally being mean to them. So, please respect my opinions and keep your comments to yourself. Thanks!

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