The K-pop News That Happened in My Absence! Includes SHINee, B.A.P and More!

Yeah, I haven’t been here for like two days and a lot of things I want to write I haven’t, so click this button for more information on B.A.P’s solo concert, SHINee’s amazing comeback, Block B court date, and news in the variety world!

20130211_shinee_dreamgirlFirst off SHINee. There’s not really much to report on them beside that “Dream Girl” has gotten an All-kill in the Korean music charts. *All-Kill is basically topping all the different music charts over in Korea. Naver, Bugs, Mnet, etc. It’s basically an iTunes chart, but only for Korean citizens* Yeah, this is what I, and most k-poppers, expected from them, so that’s why I said that there’s not much to report on them. Here’s some of their comeback performances on Music Bank, Mnet Countdown and Music Core:


2011126_seoulbeats_blockbBlock B’s situation is not really handle yet. It’s still basically a he said she said situation. Block B weren’t present at the second hearing and neither was Stardom Representative. Here’s what have been released:


“Block B’s side stated, “Block B has lost their trust in the label that broke the terms of the contract. They’ve filed for an injunction because if the lawsuit goes long-term, Block B will suffer from a lot of damage. The label did not carry out the profit calculations for over 20 instances that add up to the hundreds of millions (in won). They changed the date of the terms on their own and only partly made the calculations in a hurry after leader Zico submitted proof. But there are still parts that have yet to be calculated. The label has mentioned the daily report for the calculations, but it doesn’t make sense to have left it out by mistake.

They added, “The label also shifted responsibility of the costs to the parents’ of the members. The label has to pay partly for transportation, outfits, food, lessons, and make up, but the parents of the members were notified and the money was deducted from the profit. Not only so, but things such as airplane fees that the label should be responsible for was also paid for by the members. The members tried to seek out the CEO Cho PD to resolve these issues, but he did not meet with them, and in turn we then had to file for the case.

However, Stardom Entertainment had their own side of the story. They said, “Some parts of the members’ stance is far different from the truth. There are also parts that seem to be defaming our character. The label trained Block B from 2009 to 2011, and it doesn’t make sense to announce nullification of the contract without requesting rectification. They said that their pay was omitted, but there is no deposit in any of the accounts that we manage, so our side is confused as well. There are some employees who left the company and they’re the masterminds of this current situation. After they left the company, they conspired with the members to bring about this lawsuit. We have proof. They are just pretending to do this for the sake of their name, but they have planned this ever since they were working in the office.

The judge announced, “The [members] must submit more documents pertaining to the case within two weeks. In cases dealing with injunction, we actually do not accept inquired data. Submit proof that’s in another form, and we will give [Stardom] time (three weeks) to prepare material to defend against their submissions.

The final results of the hearing will be announced within three weeks.”

I won’t really comment on this because this says it all. The BBCs will have to wait until the results comes out. Block B fighting!

Link to the story here! Credit: Allkpop.

Onward to variety. Taceyeon has signed up to be a fixed cast on We Got Married “World’s Edition” The World’s edition meaning that the couple will be of different nationality from each other. Well, there will always be a Korean partner in each couple, but the female (or male) partner will be of a different nationality. Taceyeon’s partner is Wu Ying Jie. She’s a Taiwanese actress, singer, and model. Basically, a Taiwanese girl version of Taceyeon.

Also joining the We Got Married “World Edition” is FT Island’s Hongki. Hongki teased his fans on Twitter uploading a selca with a caption saying, “International… Marriage… Should I try it”. Fans thought of something else, but later it was revealed that Hongki is a fixed cast on the upgraded version of We Got Married. HongKi’s partner is Fujii Mina. She’s a Japanese actress. Get this they already filmed their part in the first episode. I guess I’ll be looking forward for this variety show! What about you?

Taceyeon’s story link here!

Hongki’s story link here!

20130207_bap_oneshot_group-600x449Last but not least, B.A.P. They never cease to fail me. Despite having their first solo, BAP Live on Earth Seoul,” they newly released mini album, “One Shot,” topped the World’s Billboard Charts! Wow, I couldn’t contain my happiness when I heard the news. It seem as if the forums get the news faster than AllKpop because that’s where I heard it first. Not to diss AllKpop because they are getting the information…just stay on top of your game. On top of this global achievement, their domestic achievement is also great. Yesterday, they held their first solo concert and by the picture, fan accounts, and fancams, I’ve seen it looks as if it were a success. They covered 3OH!3’s song First Kiss, Bang present the full version of Sacramental Confessions (shirtless might I add), Daehyun and Youngjae covered Jesse J’s “Price Tag,” Himchan returned, and Zelo read a heartfelt message to his parents. Yeah, a lot of things happened and this was only their first night. It makes you wonder what they’ll be doing tonight, right?

Story on B.A.P’s global accomplishment here!

Well that’s all the news I wanted to write these past few days. Did you enjoy it? Was it the information you were looking for? Should I do this more often?

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “The K-pop News That Happened in My Absence! Includes SHINee, B.A.P and More!

  1. I liked this. There was a lot of information I somehow missed out on. Thanks for writing this and I do think you should do this more often, (only if you want to). 🙂

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