Teen Top Releases Their Full Album “No. 1”!

Teen Top fans, are you ready? Let’s go on a musical rollercoaster ride shall we? Click —>

130219_TEENTOP_sunsunsun-600x376Not much to say about Teen Top. I don’t follow them, so listening to their album will be a new experience for me. I only know 2 people out the group. That’s how naive I am about this group and I don’t know any songs of their songs, so…let’s speed date. Like in SHINee’s album release, I will listen to only a minute of each song. It usually takes 10 seconds to tune out of something, so I’m giving them a chance. Hopefully, they’ll be at the chorus in a minute time.

No. 1

Nothing to really comment about. It’s just an intro to their album and it’s only for 59 seconds. Wow, I didn’t fullfill my minute promise. Jeez…

Miss Right

I think this song will take a few listen because now I’m not feeling it. Please if this is your first time to my blog most songs I hear the first time I have to hear again. What I do like is the little whistle sound during the chorus. As of now that’s the only thing I like so far in this track.

Missing You

I actually went over my time limit. Good job, Teen Top. This song holds my interest 30 seconds longer then what I promised. Even though, I don’t particularly like ballad songs, this doesn’t really feel like a ballad song. The beats takes it away, will I listen to this song again? It’s at a maybe, right now.

Stop Girl

Okay, now this is what I’m talking about. Seriously, this sounds like the 2000’s that I miss so much. If you listen to P Diddy “I need a girl part 2,” this song somewhat reminds me of this song. Somewhat people.

Never Go Back

I wonder if their theme is early 2000 because this song also has what “Stop girl” has. That 2000 feel, but I really like “Stop Girl” better than this song. I don’t really know why, but I really like upbeat songs in the K-pop world. This is not a ballad, but the way the song sound making seem as if it is one.


Jeez, I thought their theme was early 2000, they went straight techno with this song. This is a club banger. I particularly don’t know how their clubs are over there in S.Korea, but this would probably play there. It’s soft where it’s not like a rave, but pretty hard where you want to dance to it.

Mr.Bang [feat. Maboos and Chakun of Electroboyz]

Teen Top, please make up your mind! What are you trying to do in this album? Early 2000, today techno, or gangsta rap. I don’t understand their theme. But this song is in the gangsta category. Taken how Maboos and Chakun is feature in it, it’s a no brainer that this is gangsta-fied. This song from what I’m getting from the English words, this is a song bragging about themselves. I don’t have a problem with it because yes Teen Top you are getting the ladies.

So…how was my review? I don’t explain a lot just the general things I like about the song. But who seriously reads through a long review? I’m sorry to the Teen Top fans who are looking for a review in their favor because that’s what you guys are looking for right? Please respect MY opinion about their album, okay?

Until next time!


One thought on “Teen Top Releases Their Full Album “No. 1”!

  1. Kdrama&More says:

    i’m not a fan of teen top either but if i had to choose the best song out of the album it would be never go back.

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