Infinite’s Woohyun and Lucia Releases “Cactus” MV Teaser!

Wow, this is a surprise. Wanna know who exactly is Lucia? If this song is a ballad song? Or why the heck the name of the song is Cactus? Then click that pretty button right there!

I guess this is surprising to me because this is the first time that I’ve heard about this duet. Woohyun is like my 3rd bias out of Infinite, so I would at least heard about this duet way before today. *Grabs tissue* I’m slacking. Here’s the teaser!

Ah, I don’t know about this song yet. I guess I’ll wait for the music video to come out.Now to the answers. Knowing Woohyun and his voice, of course this song is a ballad song. I’m not saying that he couldn’t do an upbeat song, but c’mon now it’s Woohyun. As for Lucia, this is the first time I’ve heard of her. Apparently, she’s a singer/songwriter. Well, that’s what Allkpop is telling me. I tried searching her name, but it’s kind of difficult to get accurate information on her. So, here’s what AllKpop discovered about this song Cactus.

“Like said previously, their duet is called “Cactus” and is the 2nd project from ‘Re; code‘, the same project that produced the mega-hit “Officially Missing You, Too” byGeeks and Soyu.

The song originally comes in two versions, one by Epitone Project‘s Cha Se Jung and another by Lucia herself. In the re-edited version, Woohyun’s soothing voice mixes in to create a mellow song that is perfect for this upcoming spring season.”

20130224_woohyun_duetOh, so that’s why it’s called Cactus…for it’s spring feel. Hm, it looks like a sad song for it to be a song for the spring time. Hey, maybe you guys like sad songs and that’s cool, but spring is like the perfect weather. It’s not too hot or too cold. There’s nothing sad about that. Are you guys anticipating this song or are you guys going to listen to it because of Woohyun?

Source is here! Credit:  Allkpop



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