Happy Belated Belated….Belated Birthday Post!

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a birthday post. Literally, since February 21st, so it’s about that time to start right back up. So click that button because there’s some big time names in this post!

February 21st

20100426_leesukhoondeleted-460x690Happy belated birthday to Lee Seokhun! He turned 36 years old and he’s a member of SG Wannabe. I’m sorry, but I cannot take anybody seriously with ‘wannabe’ in their name. It just doesn’t sound original. <— I wasn’t trying to be funny, but in all seriousness it just doesn’t appeal to me.

February 22nd

2837-wooriHappy belated birthday to Woori! She turned 26 years old and she’s a member of Rainbow. They having a pretty good comeback right now, so I would just check them out if you haven’t.

389977_138980446209610_100002929651560_195963_985501320_nHappy belated birthday to Kim Sangwoo and Son Yujin. Wait, why pair them up, Kanaissa? Well, they both turned 22 years old and they’re from the same group, N-Train. Super weird right? At first, I thought that they were twins, but they do not have the same last name, so how lucky is are you to share the same birthday as your friend? Even better when you are idol, huh?

February 23rd

ZE_A_acute_s_Kevin_Lead_Vocal__13022011235347Happy  belated birthday to Kevin! He turned 26 years old and he’s a member of ZE:A.

tumblr_maclvk3gaJ1r9d4bqo1_500Happy belated birthday to Park Narae! She turned 26 years old and she’s a member of SPICA. Aside of their fandom getting into a fanwar with the Blackjacks, this group is really unnoticeable. The only time that I heard of them is when their fans were defending them, but other than that. Nothing. Hopefully, this year they’ll be able to do something.

N2011122316330777001Happy belated birthday to Mima! She turned 24 years old and she’s a member of New F.O. Ren? Ren? Is that you? Sorry to be rude, but they really look alike.

February 24th

ss501-s-kim-kyu-jong-pigs-out-with-goong-cast_1Happy belated birthday to Kim Kyujong! He turned 27 years old and he’s a member of SS501. “Baby let me love ya love ya love ya.” Sorry, SS501 mean their single Love ya to me. I really like that song. 

February 25th

tumblr_lni2sd3i5I1qdqyoxHappy belated birthday to Yoo Dongho! He turned 29 years old and he’s a member of A-Peace ‘Jade’. Usually, I have something to say about them, but I ran out. I guess having 19 members can do that, but I don’t think this is the last of A-Peace.

240px-Min_Sun_(Piggy_Dolls)Happy belated birthday to Kim Minsun! She turned 23 years old and she’s a member of Piggy Dolls. If it weren’t for AllKpop forums I probably wouldn’t have said much, but made fun of their name. The reason why they are called that is because this is a girl group that’s a little bigger in size compare to the other girl groups. I really like their efforts in making a group like this. To show that you don’t have to be a stick to be able to be an idol.

February 26th

tumblr_lt7ry600JA1qh1e54Happy belated birthday to Park Jonguk! He turned 24 years old yesterday and he’s a member of N-Sonic. Nothing can go wrong if you have Sonic in your group’s name. Either you can climb to the top quickly or fail quickly…

Changsub3Happy belated birthday to Changsub! He turned 23 years old yesterday and he’s a member of BTOB. I recently was interested in this group. Like last week recently, so I think he’s one of the rappers out the group.

CL-2ne1-32501646-500-677Happy belated birthday to CL! She turned 23 years old yesterday and she’s a member of 2ne1. This is my homie. Sorry, I usually use another word, but I’m not getting into no arguments with the Blackjacks. Don’t have time for it. But, CL is the chick you need to be. She doesn’t fit in the norm as other girls in girl groups do. She’s her own person and different. Man, this is my girl bias.

feeldog-bigstarHappy belated birthday to FeelDog! He turned 22 years old yesterday and he’s a member of BIGSTAR. Doesn’t he sort of look like Song Joong Ki? I mean, he really does. Aw, it’s sooooooooo cute, but FeelDog. I don’t know what you were trying to do and I will leave at that. *Click to work…wordpress messing up the adorableness -.-*


February 27th

20120408_seoulbeats_mib_simsHappy birthday to SIMS! He turns 23 years old today and he’s a member of M.I.B! Agent S…or does he play the role playing game Sims??? Naw, he’s definitely an agent.

TAKEN132Happy birthday to Yoojun! He turns 23 years old today and he’s a member of TAKEN. I guess the 27th is the day of group names that reminds me of a movie, huh? “I will find you…and I will kill you,” the best quote out of any action movie. Oh, wait I totally forgot about James Bond. Oops.

images (2)Happy birthday to Ricky! He turns 19 years old today and he’s a member of Teen Top. A birthday right after they released an album. I wonder if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I mean, with promotions and everything then he have to stay fit. I just don’t know.

Phew, that was a lot. Hopefully, this won’t happen again.


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