Teen Top Releases Dance Version of “Miss Right”!

I guess it’s about that time to react to Teen Top’s “Miss Right.” Along with the dance version of the MV, the actual music video will be present. Let’s compare!

Now I like the song. I guess the video had to go with it. It was really colorful despite the out of place jail scene at the beginning of the video. My first thought at that was, “did the girl put you in prison or something?” I was analyzing a lot at the first 10 seconds, but as soon it went to the classroom scene it kind of made sense. Now, should I flip my hair a couple of times, so that I can get C.A.P? A majority of my bias list contains leaders. Bang Yongguk, Seungho, Sunggyu, Leeteuk, and it goes on. Now apparently I need to add C.A.P. Jeez. Let’s dance!

Can we say Michael Jackson? Well to a certain degree, but he was in there. I generally like the dance version of a song better than the actual music video. Why? Because a dance version doesn’t confuse you. That first scene in the actual MV confused me, but the dance MV is just them dancing. I really like the dance. It’s has an old school feel to it. This one part particularly made me laugh. It’s at 1:15 or somewhere around that mark. Once you look at it look the this video below at the :27 mark, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Gotta love Psych.

Overall, I think that this was a good comeback. Now, I wish I can get an MV for every song so that I can like their album, but this will do!


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