This week’s K-pop News: G Dragon’s Sasaeng Issue, EXO’s Wolf, Taemin’s weight comment, and MORE!

If that title doesn’t make you click then how about a juicy scandal between F(x) Victoria and TVXQ’s Changmin? Bang’s Tumblr post? Arnold Schcarzeneggar on Taxi? Hopyfully you’ve clicked by now.

Yes, a lot of things happened this week and I basically round up the important stories. So I’m will briefly touch on some of the stories in text. I feel as if I explained it all in the video. For D-unit’s and Lee Hi’s comeback news click here!

Welcome back Teen Top, especially you C.A.P. Here are their comeback stages!

shineeworldalbumchart1Congrats SHINee for making it to #2 on the World’s Billboard charts! Article here!

Infinite’s comeback! I cannot wait. If you haven’t seen the teaser then I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but I’m here for ya! Check them out! 

56068503If you don’t know what Kwak Jung Wook looks like and his ability (his acting ability that is) to be an Infinite member then check this out! 

Sad sad…sad news that Se7en having to enlist in the army this month. Here’s some TOP and Se7en moments for you all.  

The randomness of Arnold Schcarzeneggar being on Taxi. I just don’t understand it. Hopefully, he made himself look good on the show and did not bring out his republicness. 

2pm_ok_taecyeonCongrats on Taecyeon entering graduate school! I guess he took that English test for a reason. An ACT or SAT in a way. Article here!

images (3)Victoria and Changmin dating. I believe I said enough on the matter, but here’s the two articles. I suggest you read the comments for a good laugh!

20130207_taemin_dreamgirl2Again, on the Taemin issue, I explained myself thoroughly, but here’s the article and the episode of this so called rude comment. Sorry, no English subs yet, I haven’t met a fast subber yet. 

exo2EXO’s Wolf. Howllllllll! Sorry, I had to this kind of reminds me of a theme park back at home during Halloween. Seriously, but tell me what you guys think of the song!  Sorry, but I had to do this.



b_a_p_himchan_and_zelo_by_fuckyeahkpop-d50kio8Zelo and Himchan’s tear jerking letters!

20130205_bap_oneshot_yongguk-600x449Bang’s song release, but I want to give a surprise so here you go! You can thank me later~~~

images (4)G Dragon’s Sasaeng article!

Phew, that was a lot. maybe next time I’ll let the video explain it all. Until next time!

One thought on “This week’s K-pop News: G Dragon’s Sasaeng Issue, EXO’s Wolf, Taemin’s weight comment, and MORE!

  1. Excellent collections of Videos & Snaps
    My best wishes to G-Dragon’s world concert tour will kickstart on March 30th in Seoul.

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