2AM Releases “One Spring Day” Album and MV!

2AM can never go without a day in their title. Is it worth the wait? Or should JYP have made 2PM comeback in Korea. My reaction on the song and MV here!!!

So, you guys should know that ballads songs aren’t my thing, but I will go through this reaction. I just seen the music video and I was confused. So, did he or did he not stay with the girl? That was the only thing that confused me was the ending. Well, if I didn’t get the ending then I must have not gotten the whole MV because isn’t Seulong opening doors to he memories? That have to be the concept or Seulong must be rich having that whole floor to himself. I’ll just stick to the memories idea. I don’t have anything to say about the song because I don’t know what they are saying, but of course his is a song that you can listen to in the wee hours in the morning. But one thing I do want to comment on is why is there such sad songs for spring? Woohyun and Lucia’s “Cactus” now this. I guess spring will be a sad one this year.

20130305_2am_onespringdayOnward to audio. Now ballads really aren’t my thing, but I will listen to a minute of each song to give you a feel to it Ready Set Go!

I will always like an instrumental openings. ALWAYS, but the whole intro for it? I don’t know maybe they’re getting us in the mood for a rollercoaster ride.

Okay, I think this will be a rather boring reaction because, again, I can’t really listen to ballad songs without the lyrics. So, I’ll just provide you with the songs. Listen away 2AM fans. One thing, I’ll say listen  to Sunshine! I really like that one I like to note that there are two songs that I cannot get to because they are private. Once another source uploads them I will get it for you!

Until next time!

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