Lee Hi Releases Part 1 of her “First Love” Album and “It’s Over” MV!

Goodness, so many comeback on midterm week. The idols are just killing me. JK, let’s see if Lee Hi can repeat her 2012 success in 2013!

Sorry, that I haven’t did a reaction video on this, but as I said this is midterm week and that wasn’t even about to get done in a timely matter. So, what did I think about this? Well, I like the MV. I thought it was pretty hilarious with the bears and all. That “One of a Kind” parody. Other than that the song didn’t do much for me. I like that she’s different with all the soulful singing, but the song didn’t do it for me. Sorry. I have nothing more to say, but hopefully her album has some good songs on it. As always, I’ll listen up to the minute mark.

I think this song has a potential to earn another listen. If you are new here, if the song is decent I have to hear it multiple times to like it. This song has my stamp of approval. I bet you I’ll like it. The verse warming up to the chorus made me want to give it another shot. So, if I quote the song you know what happened!

I literally tuned out before the minute mark. I don’t listen to American jazz, so listening to it in Korean isn’t going to make me change my mind. I need a beat to it to make me want to listen to it. If there’s a beat later into the song then that’s not going to grab the attention of people who like a beat fied songs. Like me. Sorry, Lee Hi’s fans, but I don’t like this song.

It’s a slow song. I can’t do ballad songs either. Wow, do I just not like this album or should I listen to it all the way? I’m not the type of person to fully discredit somebody’s album. I will always like few songs out of it, but here I only partially like one song. Well since it’s only part one, maybe part two will get me. Which by the way will be released March 21st. I’ll be looking forward to it because seriously I don’t want to say that I don’t like all of her songs. That’s too much.



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