Happy Belated Birthday Post! Spring Break Edition Part 1!

Yeah, I’m on spring break and a lot isn’t getting done. I’m so behind on blogging that it’s crazy.In my queue I have Kpop news of the week, a vlog on body image and reaction videos. Yeah, it’s a lot, but I’ll tell you this on Thursday (or maybe Friday after editing) I present some reaction videos with my niece. Be prepared okay. She’s out there. Click that button for your favorite idol’s birthday! –>

March 8th 

tumblr_llv6rq2VoT1qdklc1o1_500Happy belated birthday to Oh Sehyeon! He turned 20 years old and he’s a member of A-Peace ‘Jade’! You guys they’re active! When I start doing this birthday post, I thought they had disband, but they held a Japanese fansign in Korea recently. Hold up, Japanese fans…Korea? Weird, but since this (A-Peace being active) is bigger news I’ll let that slide.

March 9th

images (5)Happy belated birthday to Kim Taeyeon! She turned 25 years old and she’s the leader of Girl’s Generation. Yeah, she’s the chick that were taken up Twitter’s trending topic for most of the day. The power of Sones, right?

injunnie1008012Happy belated birthday to Injoon! He turned 22 years old and he’s a member of The Boss.

March 10th

0e0deb80374226ce7145f103209fbb2cHappy belated birthday to Joo Hee! She turned 30 years old and she’s a member of 8eight.

tumblr_lvfd6gUoal1r2jl29o3_500Happy belated birthday to Kang Insoo! He turned 26 years old and he’s a member of MYNAME! Wow, I think MYNAME’s age average is higher than B.A.P. Hmm, that’s…shocking, but he must be the leader.

Riko-rania-korean-23415401-294-395Happy belated birthday to Riko! She turned 25 years old and she’s a member of Rania!

mblaq-mir-6Happy belated birthday to Mir. He turned 23 years old and he’s a member of MBLAQ! Ah, this bustling boy of sunshine! He’s too too…too adorable. I cannot even explain this man. This video surely will! 

tumblr_inline_mfd32iL0Gn1qbcy44Happy belated birthday to Peniel! He turned 21 years old and he’s a member of BTOB! BFROMA! Yeah, this man was from America. You can tell he’s mixed, but he’s  Korean is super good because I couldn’t tell when I was looking at MTV Diary.

March 11th

20120605_soohyun_showchampionHappy birthday to Soohyun! He turns 25 years old today and he’s a member of U-KISS. A group more overworked than B.A.P, who recently had a comeback. A reaction video in the queue. Be ready for it!

tumblr_mad692SDQc1reei1po1_500Happy birthday to Cheska! She turns 22 years old today and she’s a member of FIESTAR! Also the girl who likes my son Zelo.  I…don’t know about this, but I guess. Lol, she seems cool, but with Zelo’s shyness I don’t know.


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