Infinite’s Comeback Date Set +Sungjong’s Video Teaser For “Man In Love”!

Yes, get your planners, iPads, iPhones, Fan girl calender out! The date is set and VERY close. Plus, time to see the baby of the group play with a baby kitten! Cuteness OVERLOAD!

infinite_logoI’ve already set the date of their comeback in my blog calender, but for those who don’t know it. It’s set for March the 21st.That’s literally next week. Thursday to be exact. Right when I have my first night class. *Tears* I won’t be able to blog about it until like 10:00 because of that class. Sorry, but stay tuned for it!

Now, who thought the kitten was more adorable than Sungjong? *Raise hand* I sure did. That kitten was too adorable. It has a bright future ahead of him. Isn’t that right grumpy cat? No? 31056298


Oh, you thought that Sungjong was more adorable?27546652Oh I give up. But I bet you thought the baby of Infinite was adorable and he was. With that Woohyun early days hair style! Goodness, I cannot wait for the rest.

Anticipate it!


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