Infinite’s Dongwoo Video Teaser for “Man In Love” Released!

Well, Woolliment aren’t going in order. So fans who love Dongwoo, do you like to read? No, well I think it’s time to reconsider.

Yes, fans are you going to read now. This isn’t SHINee, so these teasers MIGHT relate to the MV. I said might you never know, but that smile of his. He isn’t my bias, but he’s sooooo innocent. If you look at their variety shows, Dongwoo is super innocent that it kills your feels. I wonder what exactly is this song going to be. I feel as if it’s close to their “Paradise” song. It’s slow, but catchy and with a beat. I feel the same with this one. Hm, I wonder who’s next because like I said they aren’t going in order.

Until tomor—wait I’m getting my hair re braided, so I might be late. So, wait for me people!


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