Infinite’s Woohyun Video Teaser for “Man In Love” Released!

Well I think the girl they’re after is revealed along in this teaser release. Let’s check out the type of girl they’re after. I’ll tell you this she’s educated!

College students I think it’s time to change your major if you aren’t in the educational field. Well, no I think any field can get their attention, that is if any idol actually date a ordinary girl. But, the lady didn’t get any action. What? No, the giant white teddy bear did. Sungjong is that your bear? Sure look like it. Hey, you OTP fans, isn’t the bear name Sunggyu? If so, isn’t the main pairing is Woohyun and Sunggyu? I see what you did there Woolliment.

Who’s next? My bet Hoya. I said here first!


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