Happy Belated Birthday Post! Spring Break Edition Part 3!

Yes, it’s my last and final day of spring break. So let’s wrap it up with some birthdays! 

March 14th

fcatHappy belated birthday to Fat Cat! She turned 24 years old and she’s a solo singer. Really? No, you guys probably I already know that I’ll make fun of her name. Seriously, Fat Cat? Grumpy Cat doesn’t approve of this. Right?31056298

March 15th

tumblr_lvelivqhcO1r5dwqko1_400Happy belated birthday to Hwang Juwon! He turned 26 years old and he’s a member of AA! Man, to have a comeback, but your video is banned from two major broadcast station must be terrible. Hopefully, his birthday rocks because that’s just awful. I mean, how are you going to promote the music?

iZhOMXZri3VkKHappy belated birthday to Youkyung! She turned 21 years old and she’s a member of AOA! It’s the angel group! Don’t drink Youkyung..naw I’m playing enjoy your new found freedom!

Ajkjg_qCQAEGWdhHappy belated birthday to Tia! She turned 17 years old and she’s a member of Chocolat! Wait a minute this girl is younger than Zelo? Really? Is there like an age limit on idols over there? I mean, this is an decent age, but are we going to see a 15 year old (korean age. 14 American age) in a group? Jeez…

_CheonWoo_smash__13072009045200Happy belated birthday to Lee Jinyoung aka Cheonwoo! He turned 29 years old and he’s a member of Smash!

March 16th

tumblr_m8jheydXBR1qelgamHappy belated birthday to Yull! She turned 22 years old yesterday and she’s a member of EvoL! It’s really comeback season and they’re coming back some time in March.

168371_640Happy belated birthday to Park Jieun! She turned 20 years old yesterday and she’s a member of Piggy Dolls. If you do not know them well they’re different than most girl group. They were bigger than most of them, so they stood out. I like how they were taking a stand against the norm, but as you know the norm always win. So I won’t say they’ve disband, but I haven’t seen them around.

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