Infinite’s Sungyeol and Hoya Video Teaser for “Man In Love” Released!

Yeah, two in one post! You guys hit gold right? Right?



Well, even if you didn’t hit gold. The video must have made you thought so. I never thought a 40 second video could bring joy! Naw, Hoya just made it better. Sorry, prior members. I just think that Hoya’s teaser was…let me stop. No, nevermind. I think that Hoya’s teaser was a bit more realistic to me. A guys nervously trying to pick something out for the girl he likes? Yeah, that’s pretty realistic to me. I mean, I don’t discredit the other members teaser, they’re adorable, but let’s think realistically! I think Woohyun is the second realistic teaser out the bunch. Don’t hurt me Inspirits. It’s just an opinion!

Next, I believe it’s L! Start off with the baby…ends with the leader. It makes sense. Until next time!

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