Vlog #4: No AllKpop F(x)’s Victoria’s body is not representing Women’s Day!

I believe the title says it all. Is AllKpop giving the true meaning of Women’s Day? My opinion here! *Correction it is International Women’s Day instead of JUST Women’s day. Allow me to say that right here and now*

I believe the video says it all. Wow, said it in the introduction and now in the body. Where is my creative-ness? Well,  I don’t think this is a creative topic to begin with. I just don’t like the fact that what women is are their bodies. I think  it’s more than the flesh. What about their talents, their accomplishment education wise, or obstacles they had to overcome? What about that? No, I guess the body is what important huh? Here are some of the comments people said:securedownload (13)2


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I think I would have stopped, but it wouldn’t have solved anything. People actually think that since talking about their bodies in a good way that it represents International Women’s day. Really? No, here’s a brief summary of what exactly is International Women’s Day:

“After more than 100 years, International Women’s Day draws millions to commemorate the advancements made in human rights and to discuss the challenges women continue to face in politics, education, employment, and other areas of daily life.” —source: csmonitor.com.


tumblr_lokumvgwM51qjhrdao1_400Body…body…hot body? Do you see it anywhere? Tell me because I’m looking in between the lines, sideways, upside down and I still cannot find it. Again, not to disrespect AllKpop, but doing an “Eye Candy” story on an important day of accomplishments women have done isn’t the way to go. As I said in the video, you don’t have to throw away the whole story just focus on the struggle they’ve faced to be accepted. Not by their bodies, but through talent. We are becoming… scratch that, we are judging female accomplishments through their bodies now and days. That shouldn’t be acceptable, but since it’s the norm people have come to accept it. Followers.

I think I have said all that I need to say. Despite me bring a feminist, you have to think is it right for women to be judge on their accomplishment through their bodies?

Here’s the link to the story!


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