Infinite’s L Video Teaser for “Man In Love” Released!

It’s time people! If you seen “Shut Up! Flower Boy Band” then acting is easy to him! Let’s see if he lives up to his standard. If not…well you know how I can be. 

That gaze at the end just destroyed the entire teaser. That gaze just took priority over everything. I didn’t care about the fact that he was wearing bright loud colors and that Infinite is super rich to open up an university. No, none of that mattered, but the gaze sure did. I just cannot. He’s not even my bias. Infinite is my second bias group. It’s granted that I would buy their CD in the future, but they also always make me question my bias. They all have charms.

I told you that Sunggyu would be last. Never doubt me. Wait, I did say that Hoya would be next, but it was Sungyeol. Nevermind. Until tomorrow!


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