Infinite’s Sunggyu Video Teaser for “Man In Love”Released!

The final video teaser! Is it worth the wait? It better be since Sunggyu is my bias! Let’s check out what Sunggyu cooked up!

Sunggyu. Hamster. Friend. You are too adorable. It totally has a K-drama feel to it because I’ve never seen a guy do all this for a girl in real life. Maybe it’s a Korean thing, if so I need to go there quickly!! I would have expect Woohyun to have this type of teaser because to me this teaser had the most aegyo in it compare to the rest. If they were to switch it would be cool, but not to say that Sunggyu doesn’t have any aegyo I think it’s suited for Woohyun.

I didn’t write this before even though I knew they were doing it for awhile, but in each teaser they were spelling out Infinite, but I guess they’ll be a group teaser before the MV. Unless the last letter will be in the MV, I don’t know, but I cannot wait. It looks like they release their material at 12am compare to B.A.P who release their stuff at 12pm. I actually don’t have a problem. I think a reaction video will be up tomorrow if they release it at 12am. Anticipate it!


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