Infinite’s “Man In Love” MV Released!

Did they live up to their expectation? Is it the right song to follow up after “The Chaser?” All that right here…actually no, but the MV is here!

Usually, I would watch the MV then write my reaction to it, but since I’m doing reaction videos I won’t do that as much as I used to. I will still do it because I’m getting graded for my writing, but it will probably mostly be videos. Enough about that, check out Infinite! One more thing, I don’t know if I mentioned but their new mini album is called “New Challenge.” I bet I’ll be back tonight to reacted (written) on the album. Be prepared! Okay, now you can enjoy the video!


Well, I guess I’ll do a written review since my web cam want to act a fool. Jeez, but it’s a good thing that I discovered it now than later. I don’t think a reaction video will come out of the video in the future. I’ve already seen it and it would be pointless. So, did I like the MV? Well…nothing ever goes right with well, but I did like the music video. Note that I didn’t say song, but the music video was good. I will have to re-listen to it again…and again before I’ll like it. I think the song was too cheery to follow up “The Chaser.” It’s like how can you die in a car accident then make a quick turn into a aegyo filled MV. I don’t know. Plus, the MV stopped, but didn’t stop. They did their usual final pose, but there was still an extra minute left. I was like, “WTHeck?” But ENJOYED it because I got to see the members which I haven’t seen for a long time. Woollim good job, but how much did you pay for that extra minute???


Their outfits…isn’t it something that SHINee would wear. It’s like Woollim looked at “Dream Girl” and said, “yup we need loud clothes!” It was so loud and bright with the patterns. *Shivers* I think my main problem is who would wear stuff like that? It’s so out there. Really out there.

Final Thoughts

I think, despite my opinion, is that this song will have a positive impact on the charts. One, they are Infinite, and two it’s a cheery song that S.Koreans love so much. So, what does that mean? It means that even though I didn’t really like their song, other people do. This song will REALLY have to grow on me because like I said the song did nothing. Hopefully, the album will be better.

Sorry, this was kind of harsh. I just got grilled today and had a hard time deciding whether I wanted to write this reaction. (The reaction video was way better and you could have seen my emotions). It was bad (the teacher’s words to me), but I wanted to provide my take on the MV. Sorry, if it gotten harsh.


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