Infinite’s Mini Album “New Challenge” Released!

I knew I couldn’t stay away from here long! Did Infinite get me with their album? Or will it have to grow on me? My reaction to this challenge right here!

Ah, let’s listen to this! As you know, I’ll only listen to the song up to it’s minute mark then give my reaction.Usually, the first minute will hook you, so it will be an honest unbiased (even though I like them) reaction.

Welcome to Our Dream (intro)

Uh, classical music. If I bought the album, I would totally skip over this track. It’s not grabbing my attention. This would be a great song to listen to while trying to go to bed, but not during the day. To me, it set the album up to be a ballad album.

As Good As It Gets

This song will have to grow on me. Like, Man In Love there’s something there that’s keeping me, but not fully keeping me. That really didn’t make sense. Like I said, this album feels as if it’s FILLED with ballads. For first time visitors, I really don’t like to listen to ballads in K-pop. It’s like a no-go, but I will not diss the song because of it. It has something there.

Still I Miss You

Boy, it sounds like I’m listening to another 2AM album. So many ballad song on this album, but the difference with this song is that I like it. I went over my minute mark, so it’s a good thing. Their voices together calms you down. Though, I would only listen to this song when it’s time for me to go to bed. Who else is waiting for an upbeat song. Seriously, I’m itching for one.


For those you don’t know, Woohyun made this song. I’m just going to skip this reaction. Fans are really sensitive upon a new release. Now, that a member made a song on this album…it’s suicide to react on this song. So…let’s move forward.

 60 sec (INFINITE version)

I already don’t like it. Why? Why do you need to recreate a song that was already made. If you don’t know, 60 seconds was originally Sunggyu’s solo song, so why would you need to put all of Infinite on it? It’s HIS song. To me, it just feel as if Sunggyu wasn’t able to sale the song by himself, so they decided to put Infinite on it. That isn’t right. I didn’t say that they don’t have the right to sing the song, it’s good for concerts, but to put it on a new album? They didn’t have another song that they could have put on the album? That’s just my opinion on the matter.

Inconvenient Truth

So, the upbeat song is at the end? Seriously? And it’s the only one. Jeez, I really like this song. It’s a good upbeat song that needs to be further up on the album. Not dead last. What if there are people who like upbeat music? But had to listen to 6 ballad songs just to get to an upbeat song. Woollim would have lost some potential buyers like me. Inconvenient Truth is the truth on this album, but that laugh in the beginning….why?

Final Thought

This album isn’t what I expect it would be. I guess I’m so harsh is because I thought that Infinite would live up to “The Chaser” album. They have made great ballad songs before, but this didn’t appeal to me. Plus, this whole album was basically a ballad. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t try something new, far from it, I just wish that it was balanced. One really good upbeat song out of 6 ballads isn’t balanced. Well, you probably didn’t like the review and I’m sorry, but I was disappointed.



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