Are SHINee’s Onew and After School’s Jung Ah Dating?

Onew? Really? 2013 the year of scandals is living up to its name! How did this rumor began? Did the K-neitizens look at spoons or a millisecond reaction on a radio show to catch the two? No, it’s something better. How about the two in the same car? Click that pretty button for more!

130325_onew_jungah2-370x275Wow, Onew isn’t getting a break this month is he? As I said above, its the year of scandals and the SM’s angels SHINee aren’t excluded. This is the biggest scandal since the whole We Got Married scandal, so I think that the idols have been REAL cautious since then. I know that it’s just March and the WGM scandal happened in January, but that’s a long time in my books. But I’ll say this: Onew is looking mighty fine in these pictures, ladies. See how quick I got sidetracked? That’s how quick this scandal is going to be first page news, but I’ll carry on.*Note: You noticed that I didn’t mention the Onew Middle Finger INCIDENT. Yeah, that’s not a scandal. Just a FYI*

130325_onew_jungah23-370x275Now this whole thing got start when the paps caught the two riding in the same car and going out to eat. The usual ingredients to start up a scandal, so it’s not surprising that people are jumping to the conclusion that they are dating. No, many people are surprise because it’s SHINee’s Onew. He’s an angel over there, but also he’s apart of SHINee. It’s like it’s taboo for SHINee to be in a scandal. *sarcasm* But that’s how most fans think. Both domestic and international. It crazy really. That’s really burdensome for Onew. To live up to the image you set out and be restricted by that image must be…tiresome. So many somes in these last two sentence, but it’s kind of true. What shock me is that all of this is happening during their “Dream Girl” promotions. Talk about bad timing. Yes, SHINee may have a strong fanbase, but having two incidents back to back must affect their promotion, right?

But what surprised me is that Allkpop didn’t break the story once the pictures were released, but waited until Pledis Entertainment (After School’s company) released a statement regrading to scandal. I love statements! Here’s what they said:“The two of them are merely close friends, not dating,” they said, denying the reports. “As fellow entertainment workers, Jung Ah and Onew have a close relationship where they advise each other. Today, their schedules matched so they were only enjoying a light meal together, and weren’t dating like media agencies have reported.”

Simple and sweet right? I love it when companies say, “they’re just close friends.” All idols must be close friends over there “just in case” a scandal pops out. It’s saying, “We’re dating, but tell the company that we are close friends.” You know, being convert about the relationship. Before any Shawols jump down my throat, I didn’t say that they are dating, but companies aren’t going to be straight forward with this type of information. Seriously, SHINee is involved. Do you know what would happen if one of the members start dating? Yeah, all hell would break loose, so of course they’ll cover this up with the close friends nonsense. Just saying…

130325_onew_jungah234-370x275The fans reaction…well it depends on which one you want to know. Domestic fans think that they are dating and worrying about it, while the international fans were worrying if he smokes or not. Yeah, like I said it depends on which side you want. The reaction of the fans is entirely another post because just came out internationally about an hour or two ago. So not many people know about it since they’re asleep. Heck, I wouldn’t have known about it either if my classes weren’t cancelled, so I bet tomorrow they’ll be more concrete reaction besides, “I hope Oppa doesn’t smoke.”





So what do you guys think of this scandal? Are they dating? Or is this overboard?

Source/article right here!


3 thoughts on “Are SHINee’s Onew and After School’s Jung Ah Dating?

  1. Kdrama&More says:

    jaja it’s like you caught me red handed with the smoking comment cause thats what came to mind when i saw the third pic. I guess thats the diff between domestic and international. They care if he’s dating or not and we care if he’s smoking or not and at least me worried about his health,lol I’ve always said it if they are happy I am happy regardless of who they are dating or getting married to because a real fan*in my opinion* wants whats best for their biases. But to me I don’t really think they’re dating I just don’t get that vibe from the pics,lol

    • Yeah, an article came out today talking about he’s smoking the e-cig thing, which isn’t bad. Jeez, at least it’s not the real deal, but I don’t think they’re dating. It’s just that, “they’re close” excuse is overused.

      • Kdrama&More says:

        Well at least it’s not the real thing,lol It didn’t look like dating to me either I guess the concept that a friendship between a girl and guy exists is really hard to believe over there. Must be hard to get together with friends of the opposite sex cause people just jump to conclusions.

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