Super Junior’s Yesung to Enlist into the Military This Year!

Let’s all grab a tissue Elfs because we’re going to need it! When exactly will he go into the army? Is he going to be in another SUJU promotion before entering? All that here!

SM Entertainment folks are in the news a lot lately. It’s so weird that this information was released right after the Onew/Jung Ah scandal.



You’re not slick SM, but he’s the 4th member to enlist in the military. But SM plan this out perfectly though. Heechul, the diva out the group, is suppose to come out this year. So, SUJU is losing a member, but also gaining one back. It’s a bittersweet feeling for the Elfs. Yesung last activity with SUJU is the Super Show 5 concert, which is in South America, and where he announced to the fans that he would be leaving for the army. Here’s what he said:

I was a trainee for 5 years, and I was with fans as a Super Junior member for 8 years. I am thankful for all the love. I’d forgotten how precious it was to sing on stage. I realized only now how much it means. While I’m not here, please take care of the Super Junior members. Please don’t forget about me.

imagesAww, how can we forget that voice of his? He really didn’t say it, but he kind of did. That didn’t make sense did it? In this quote he didn’t say that he was entering army, but he did. Aww, that was a gentle way of saying that. SM Entertainment add more to it:

Yesung will be enlisting this year. There is no decision yet for the exact date and location. He expressed how thankful he was because of the love he received from Korean fans.” They added, “He hasn’t received his notice of enlistment yet. During his physical test, he was ruled as the 4th replacement status, so he’ll be working as a public worker. He’s planning on entering the training facilities when he receives his official notice.

wacHear that Elfs…um read that Elfs, you still have some time with him before he goes. Well, domestic fans do, but look on the positive side. He’ll be a public worker! I read somewhere that  Yesung has some type of medical problem where he cannot do regular military things. That’s good right?


Well best of luck to Yesung!!

Source/Article here!

Yesung’s twitter! Follow this man! So many selcas!


One thought on “Super Junior’s Yesung to Enlist into the Military This Year!

  1. Kdrama&More says:

    I was so sad when I read about him leaving he’s like my 3rd favorite of the group,lol especially with his voice. He make dramas sound so much better with him singing in the background,lol

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