[BREAKING] Beast’s Junhyung and Kara’s Hara Breaks Up! Vlog# 5

Word? Junhyung and Hara are no more. Sad sad reality, but I have some problems with this breakup and I blame them for it. My view on this breakup here!

20110628_date_junhyung_hara_5Well, I don’t entirely blame them, but they are somewhat to be blamed. First here’s the statements both company released regarding to the break up.

Company’s Statements

Cube Entertainment: “Junhyung and Hara have recently ended their relationship… The two will continue to remain good friends.”

Simple and sweet the route DSP Media should have taken. Here’s what DSP Media had to say…part 1:

“Due to their busy schedules and KARA’s stay in Japan for their promotions, their meetings have become scarce, and eventually they drifted apart… They decided to remain as good friends in the music industry.”

20110628_hara_junhyung_2I questioned their credibility because of the previous statement they had released, but here’s a longer version of their statement:

“Hara and Junhyung have ended their relationship, which they’ve maintained since June of 2011, and have decided to remain as good sunbae-hoobae in the music industry, and oppa-dongseng. The two continued their relationship under the interest of many fans and the public as the music industry’s ‘official couple’. However, with their meetings becoming less and less as they each carried out their own activities and handled many domestic and international promotions, the two naturally drifted apart.

On the 15th, when the news of the two unfollowing each other broke, they were at a state in which they had not yet finished sorting out their relationship matter. After this day, having decided to go their separate ways after much thought, the two even exchanged text messages with one another even after breaking up to ask how each other was doing, and currently have a good sunbae and hoobae relationship. Please give the two your encouragement and words of support.”

That’s real wordy DSP…real wordy, but enjoy this lovely video below!

Source/ articles here and here!


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