Vlog/Spazz #6 B.A.P Live on Earth: Pacific!

Babies all over the world unite! Well, maybe only Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and USA. Sorry, Europe, but B.A.P is having a WORLD TOUR! Folks, what you are about to see is a girl spazzing…calmly! Warned! 

20130327_bap_pacific-600x229HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Friends the day has come. There’s no ifs, ands, buts, about it. B.A.P is coming to USA…and some other places. *Bows* Highly wrong from me since I have visitors from all over. *Bows again* It was a joke. Oh my goodness, I have no words. They released a teaser/information about at 10 am central time announcing the countries they’re going to. Check it out!

tumblr_m8h39ttzLR1rt9w78Doesn’t that teaser make you excited?? I’m real excited about this. Lol, when I first discovered this I start pacing around my room. You know what that’s called right? Secret spazzing. Seriously, it’s going to be a word because I didn’t want to appear crazy on my floor. Here’s a calmer Kanaissa talking about the concert. Yeah, I just typed in the third person…


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