Happy Belated Birthday Post! March 26-29!

I think….I’m going to do it this way. I feel as if this is the best way taking that I’m on the last leg of my freshman year. Well, guys? Also, I’m doing this today because tomorrow. Yeah, you guys are in for a surprise, but let’s focus on today’s…er this week’s birthdays.

March 26th

Jungmo+trax_blondeHappy belated birthday to Jungmo! He turned 29 years old and he’s a member of Trax. If he doesn’t look like Lee Joon in your eyes then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Seriously, it’s like another blonde Lee Joon…almost

20101108_ohwonbin_01Happy belated birthday to Oh Wonbin! He turned 24 years old and he was a member of FT. Island, but is now a solo artist. You know what they about the “Bin’s” in S.Korea. Well, maybe that only pertain to the actors because he does not look like a bad boy, but a kind boy. He must have been the baby of the group.

exo-m-xiuminHappy belated birthday to Xiumin! He turned 24 years old and he’s a member of….EXO-M. I read something on the AllKpop forums and it was hilarious. I can’t even. No, I won’t say it here because that’s like starting a war, so I will just provide the link. Hint: it’s about EXO-M’s speaking fluently in their native language. LOL….I can’t. Click here for a laugh!

March 28th

tumblr_mdtbeu2KDh1rewepto1_1280Happy belated birthday to Hoya!!!!!!!!!!!! He turned 23 years old yesterday and he’s a member of Infinite. I love HoBaby to death. Even though, he’s not my number one bias in Infinite, he’s just too adorable to ignore. And his dancing…….to adorable to ignore. Also, you gotta love him and his canine teeth.


March 29th

fw4ro1Happy birthday to Seungah! She turns 27 years old today and she’s a member of Sunny Hill.

images (2)Happy birthday to Sulli! She turns 20 years old today and she’s a member of f(x). She’s really funny especially in Running Man, but now after watching her drama with Minho, I always see her in a bowl cut. She can grow her hair out and I’ll still see the bowl cut. 

20100503_afterschoolsoyoung_1Happy birthday to Soyoung! She turns 28 years old and she was a member of After School, but is now an Actress.



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