Lee Hi Released Part 2 of “First Love”!

Now, I told you guys that the second part of her album have to grab my attention and…..it did. Haven’t heard the songs on the new album? Well —–>

I guess you always gotta save the best for last huh? That’s exactly what she did. So, again I only listen to the song up to it’s minute mark then give my opinion. I think that clear, now onward to the music!

Fool for Love

Thank you! Thank you Lee Hi because that is a great song. Just from the beginning it sounds like something I would listen to. It’s jazz, but it’s not completely jazz. It has some beats in it where it’s just not instruments. Then going into the chorus, it sounds so familiar. To me, it sounds like church music. The ones Kirk Franklin’s crew sings and what is their to hate about gospel music. Right, none. I’m not saying it’s gospel music, but to me it sounds somewhat like it.


I’m not really a fan of this song. It went back to straight jazz. I have nothing against jazz music, but I prefer to listen to only the instruments. But this song is still better than what she had on Part 1. Just saying.

Am I Strange

Doesn’t it sound like some type of children’s song in the beginning? You know, where you clap your hands after each song? I’m sorry, but that what it reminds me of. But this song is mellow. Real mellow, but this song doesn’t quite capture me. Well it captured me enough where I went passed the minute mark, but it just sounds monotone. Sorry, it just does.


I’ll just provide that music video because this song is the bonus track on the CD. What’s up with artist putting their upbeat song last on their albums? Seriously….

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