[BREAKING] SHINee’s JongHyun in Car Accident!

Wow, SHINee is in the news all the time now, but this shouldn’t be one of the reason. How bad is he hurt? Will he continue with the “Dream Girl” promotion? Is this some type of April Fools joke gone bad? All that here!

20130209_shinee_jonghyun_dreamgirl2Wow, that’s all I can say. This isn’t a good month for SHINee. Well, in the news wise. Musically, their album is doing well, so what’s going on. Okay, so nobody would have known about this accident until SM Entertainment released a statement:

Jonghyun ran into the guard rails on Dongho Bridge earlier today while driving his own car to return to the dormitory after visiting his home.”

I wondered if it was the ice again? Man, S. Korea need to hire some salt truck drivers because this is like the what? Third or fourth accident? But what if it wasn’t ice then what caused him to crash? I don’t even want to venture out on that question the main thing is he’s hurt, but SM is telling us it’s not that bad stating:

Jonghyun didn’t suffer major injuries, but he got hurt around his nose so he’s currently receiving treatment in the emergency room at a hospital in Gangnam. After undergoing tests at the hospital, he will decide what to do with his future schedule.”

20130209_shinee_jonghyun_dreamgirlWell, I guess he’s fine, but aside from this something else made me worry. AllKpop wrote this: “Note: Although it is still April 1st in South Korea, many news outlets are reporting this as legitimate.  We will keep you posted.”

Word? Why would anybody joke about this? Seriously, yes it’s kind of weird that SM Entertainment had to release a statement for everybody to find out it, but nobody should take this lightly. This isn’t a joke. His life could have been taken in this accident, so to say that above is stupid. If it is a joke let SM look stupid, not the news outlet who reports on it. If SM want to be funny and lose some fans let them do it, but news outlet. You should treat it like any other day. Okay, I’m done.

Daebak Koreans wish JongHyun a speedy recovery!


One thought on “[BREAKING] SHINee’s JongHyun in Car Accident!

  1. I really hope this is an April fools. As much as it would suck to get played with, at least he wouldn’t be hurt if it was a joke =\

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