Happy Birthday Post March 30th-31st! Kanaissa’s Ultimate Bias Edition!

Yeah, I told you guys that you will be in for a surprise! There’s two of them and I talk about them a lot here! Well? If you don’t know, be prepared for some beautiful *School blog* pictures!

tumblr_m0yglpXmne1r477awo1_500Happy belated birthday to Tagoon! He turned 21 yesterday and he’s a member of BOM. Boy, Park Bom from 2ne1 is sooooo popular that she has a group named after her. That sounds about right. But he’s super close to Block B.

tumblr_megb1xdbvd1rmr7x4o1_400Happy belated birthday to Kim Dahee! She turned 20 years old yesterday and she’s a member of GLAM. Not Glam, but GLAM. They’re cap locking and dropping. Wow, where did that even come from. Pop, lock, and drop it. Ah, old school.

20100808_hyena-460x254Happy belated birthday to Hannah! She turned 18 years old yesterday and she’s a member of GP Basic. How about to damn young to debut? Seriously, but at least she’s of age now. Maybe, now she can debut instead of at a young age. Younger than Zelo. Get this she was the leader! How can you lead other girls at the age of 14? That’s beyond me.

*Ultimate Bias Alert!*

625334302Happy belated birthday to Lee Kikwang!!!!!!!! He turned 24 years old, 23 American age, yesterday and he’s a member of Beast/MC/Actor/Variety star/my boyfrie—…..Awkward. I didn’t miss his birthday on purpose. I just wanted to put it together with my other bias. Aw, this kid is adorable. Kid? He’s definitely older than me, but only by four years. As you know, I’m 20 years old over there. Yeah, four year age difference is nothing!



March 31st

Park TaeyangHappy birthday to Park Taeyang! He turns 26 years old today and he’s a member of CHAOS!

tumblr_m37gjrPByx1rrffo5o1_400Happy birthday to Jay! He turns 20 years old today and he’s a member of The Boss. Wow, a Big Bang’s Taeyang-fied  day. One a CHAOS member named Taeyang and there’s a group name called The Boss. Taeyang’s dog name is Boss. Creepy. You guys, I can be a host on The Beatles Code!

bohyung2Happy birthday to Bohyung! She turns 25 years old today and she’s a member of SPICA! Wow, getting a snippet of my ultimate bias before even mentioning him. It’s the power of Bang. 

*Ultimate Bias Alert*

tumblr_mk7wo7o6nX1rnkj5ho1_1280Happy birthday to *let me take a minute* Bang Yongguk!!!!!!! He turns 24 years old today and he’s a member of B.A.P! Oh my goodness, yesterday was a B.A.P-fied day. Even though I’m mentioning it now, we (Babys *B.A.P’s fandom name*) celebrated his birthday all day yesterday and today. Well, two days worth of celebration! I don’t need to mention how awesome he is, but I’ll do it anyways. He adopted 2  under privileged kids, he’s aUNICEF, help build a water well (donating) in another country(Not in Africa. That was B.A.P as a whole), and he’s just awesome leader. There are no words to describe this man then caring, but he is Bang Yongguk. The deep voice, extremely shy, thinks he has average looks, and a touch a bada**ness leader of B.A.P! Happy Birthday!!! *Click for the GIF to work, WordPress -.-*












I had to stop myself. I could have gone on and on………and on with this picture spam. As you can see, Yongguk is my husban—….awkward.


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