Rookie Group GI (Global Icon) Releases “Beatles” MV!

Yes, another rookie group to debut! Hey, now they’re a girl group not co-ed, so how did they do? Click that button! Or if you haven’t seen the MV, again click that button!

Now, I’ve been keeping my eye on this group because as you can see they’re not like other girl groups besides one member.  Even though they’re being different I still have a problem, but let’s look at their MV shall we?

You know what, nevermind I don’t have a problem with what they’re doing. The way AllKpop was writing their articles making it seem as if GI is just a total tomboy group, which I don’t have a problem with…the tomboy part, but GI wasn’t like that. Yes, it wasn’t all cutesy like Girls Generation, but they weren’t being total tomboys. You know, Amber from f(x)? That’s a total tomboy. She doesn’t reveal her stomach and she doesn’t wear girly clothes. GI are almost to the tomboy status like Amber, but they’re not. Maybe I’m not making sense, but the main thing is that they’re not complete tomboys. *Note: I love Amber the way she is and hope that SM doesn’t change her character or how she carries herself* 

20130331_gi-600x471The music video is great. I liked it. When I was looking at it the first thing that popped into my head was, “they’re going to make it,” but international fans think differently than domestic fans. They’re so use to girly girl groups that I think that they would write them off. You know, how they did with B.A.P when they debut. It took B.A.P’s “Crash” for domestic fans to notice them, so I wouldn’t want that with GI because it’s not granted that even international fans will like them as I do.

All in all, just keep a look out for them!  I know I’ll do a reaction video to it, so I fully won’t go into details about it, so anticipate that! Also, anticipate the release of their album. Hopefully, that’ll come out tonight.


One thought on “Rookie Group GI (Global Icon) Releases “Beatles” MV!

  1. Kdrama&More says:

    I just watched the MV before I saw your post and i’m still not sure what to think of this group. But I do admit that the song is kinda catchy but I will have to hear several more times in order to fall in love with it entirely,lol

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