BTOB Comeback Hint!

WOW~~~~I just had to mention that song! So who hint the comeback? What concept is it going to be? People turn on your brain some analyzing is about to take place! Even though, I’ll be the one analyzing.

“Don’t break. Oh a oh a oh break.” Sorry, it’s just that when BTOB is mention I have to sing that song and punch my fist in my palm. Weird, but you know I’m not so normal. Cube Entertainment did a B.A.P move. You know how Daehyun tweeted a picture of him through a monitor screen for Rain Sound? Welp, that’s what Cube Ent. did

Is your thinking cap on? Okay, so this is what I think. It’s going to be a Man In Love, Dream Girl, and Stop It. Seriously, what’s the main concept in those songs? To get the girl. How does it sound? A cutesy, upbeat, limited dancing, filled with aegyo song. Am I right? Heck yeah…maybe 85% right, but that’s more than half and I’m telling you that’s what is going to be. I mean, what guys will have Christmas lights in April? Infinite’s Sunggyu and now BTOB. Why? For a girl. I’m telling you, I’m right. HAHA, Fortune Teller Kanaissa in business! All I have to do now is set up a Paypal account…yeah I’m not cheap! Lol, that’s doesn’t sound right..

But are you guys ready for BTOB? Let’s just say I am, but this song better be a good one to succeed Wow. That’s all I’m saying.


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