Getting B.A.P’s Live On Earth Ticket. A calm collected confession…from me!

Did you see that alliteration? But anyways, I had to take the rant down for a lot of reasons, so here’s a calm collected followup! Also, an explanation on what was going on with the venues. Yes, our nation’s capitol included. That’s Washington DC if you didn’t know. 

Yeah, that’s a way mellow Kanaissa than yesterday. I think another reason why I wanted to do another video is because in my rant I didn’t have the ticket, but I do now. I didn’t want people to think, “well this rant is invalid,” you know along those line. Plus, I didn’t cuss in this video. But the rant is still valid for multiple reasons. Even though Verizon said there are more tickets, it doesn’t make up for the time most people have wasted. Mind you, I kept on this matter until I went to sleep and that was at 4 pm. So, from 10:50 am to 4 pm I was on the computer and making phone calls to see what’s going on. I think I called the Warner Theater about 15 times yesterday and TicketMaster 5 times. I have refreshed the B.A.P ticket page over 100 times, and I’m not making that up. Let’s just say that I worked on this from 10:50 in the morning to 10 at night. That’s like 12 hours. 12 hours to get ONE ticket, but I guess it was worth it.

20130327_bap_pacific-600x229I’m not trying to complain, but just to tell you guys my first experience on getting a K-pop concert ticket. America doesn’t have a lot of K-pop events, so when there is one many people are trying to go. The same goes for B.A.P despite the fact that they are rookies. Oh, while I’m on this subject another fault from Verizon. Verizon went to the same venues that Jay Park went to last year. *Verizon sponsored Jay Park’s American tour last year* The thing is that B.A.P has more fans than Jay Park, so to host the concert in the same venues as Jay Park was stupid. Each venue has 2000+ seats in them. In New York more than 3000 fans were trying to purchase a ticket. You see where I’m going? They should have hosted them in bigger venues then the ones they have now. Also, the San Francisco venue is right next to a strip club. Really? So, that’s what we are showing B.A.P while they’re here…strip clubs? C’mon now.

Wow, kind of veered off subject a bit, but it’s related. The main thing is Verizon didn’t plan this properly and shouldn’t compare what they did last year and applied it to this year’s concert. Well, that’s all I have to say. I don’t want to get upset again, so until next time!


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