BTOB Releases Video Teaser to “Second Confession”!

Woot, finally no pictures, but video! But, they’re taking a VERY different approach than most teasers. It’s something involving a radio talk show with…*wait for it* Danny An! C’mon let’s check it out!

Hm, what do you guys think? Do you like this approach more so than a teaser that only focus on a member? This is different, but I like the original teaser concept better. I don’t know maybe they are doing that, but if all the members are going to talk to Danny An (a G.O.D member. The 2nd generation of K-pop idols) then all of them should have been in this teaser. You get where I’m going? It’s like why use the same thing, but with a different member for each teaser. It loses the reality to it, but this is K-pop. K-pop defies all realistic logic. But the song, I couldn’t really hear it because the talking clouded it out. But, from what I heard it sounds good, though I wished they were quiet so that I could hear it. I guess I’ll be patiently wait for more.

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